"Success in Business
     requires that we conduct our business
        with integrity."
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Universal Compliance Hot Line
By Phone from the USA or Canada (toll-free):

   Dial +1 866 292 5224

For a list of international contacts, please click HERE. If your country is not listed, click HERE for a telephone access code and dial +1 866 292 5224.

On-line: www.ethicspoint.com

The Compliance Hot Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No one making a report to the Compliance Hot Line will be required to provide their name or other identifying information, and no caller ID or recording devices will be used.

Contact Us:

Harvard Smith
Chief Compliance Officer
Universal Corporation
9201 Forest Hill Avenue
Stony Point II Building
Richmond, Virginia 23235
(direct line) +1 804 254 1316
(office) +1 804 359 9311
(fax) +1 804 254 3594
(email) compliance@universalleaf.com
Leading with Integrity
Universal Corporation has strived to create and protect two of its most important business assets – integrity and trust. The Company and its subsidiaries recognize that good corporate governance is the key to preserving those assets. To that end, the Company created this page on its website to provide the public with valuable information regarding the Company’s corporate governance efforts and policies.

Through its continued commitment to the principles of integrity, honesty, and fairness in all business dealings, Universal Corporation will continue to prosper and enjoy the reputation that has been an integral part of the Company’s success.

Compliance Resources
Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual

Non-Retaliation Policy

Global Compliance Phone List

Compliance Poster (English Versions)

Compliance References

Statement of Policy Regarding Counterfeit Tobacco Products

Universal Principles: Leading with Integrity

Chairman’s Letter
Dear colleagues:

The Universal Corporation family of companies has proudly been conducting business for over 90 years. During that time, our people all over the world have strived to build up our most important business asset—Integrity.

Looking forward, we need to preserve this valuable asset. Conducting our business with integrity is essential to maintaining our status as the leader in our industry. We owe it to our customers, our communities, our shareholders, and each other. We each have a key role to play, and Universal is counting on you.

Our Code of Conduct sets high ethical standards to guide us. Conducting business pursuant to high ethical standards is the right thing to do, and it is also good business. When it comes to ethics and integrity, we at Universal have three primary goals: 1) work with integrity; 2) conduct business with integrity; and 3) handle information and assets with integrity. When we achieve these goals, we make Universal the company it deserves to be.


George C. Freeman III
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

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